Bruce is passionate about giving something back, and will be supporting various charities through Red Squirrel revenue.

Save Our Squirrels

Bruce would like to help to create safe pockets around the UK where orphaned baby red squirrels (kittens) could be taken and reared in a safe environment.

15p from each 500ml will be donated to Save Our Squirrels projects throughout the UK, specifically where they are relocating orphaned squirrels to safe areas.

Visit the Scottish Squirrels website.

The Aberlour Childcare Trust

Since helping out at an orphanage in Edinburgh on a voluntary basis every Sunday for a year in his early 20s, Bruce has always wanted to do something to help orphaned children. “When you are asked continually if you are going to be their new dad, you can’t help feel that you want to help them in some way”, Bruce says.

15p from each 500ml will be donated to the Aberlour Childcare Trust.

Visit the Aberlour Childcare Trust website.